Vimy Day Ceremony 2024

Once again, it’s that time. Please join us at this year’s Vimy ceremony at The Shrine on Sat Apr 13th.
Please help by spreading the word to any and all interested people.
The ceremony is being live-streamed. Here’s the link from The Shrine’s website:
If you can’t make it in person, you can also watch it afterwards (using the same link). Please feel free to circulate this link to others who may wish to watch the event.

With what is happening in Europe and the Ukraine, allies and long-standing relationships, like the one between Australia and Canada, are extremely important and we’re hoping you’ll show your support on April 13th.
The Battle of Vimy Ridge during World War I, was a key event in Canada's development as a nation. Vimy became a symbol for Canadians and a source of national identity and pride.
The Battle of Vimy Ridge was the first time that all four divisions of the Canadian Expeditionary Force had fought together.
The French and British armies had previously failed to take Vimy Ridge from the Germans, at the cost of thousands of lives. It was also symbolically important that the Canadian Corps, this small colonial unit, had managed to do what both its former colonial powers could not do in retaking the ridge. At Vimy, Canadians stopped thinking of themselves as British subjects and began to think of themselves as uniquely Canadian.
Pierre Burton has written an excellent book which sets out the significance of Vimy to the Canadian identity.
In recognition of Canada’s long-standing relationship with Australia and the common bond of our respective service personnel helping each other during times of conflict and peace, the Vimy Foundation is celebrating and commemorating our shared history and cooperative effort with our annual ceremony at The Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne.
The short ceremony starts at 2 pm and (for those of you who will be there in person), immediately after the service, we will have light refreshments and a meet-and-greet in the Western Gallery at The Shrine.
Refreshments have been donated by the Maple Bakery (Torquay) and include several Canadian treats such as butter tarts & Nanaimo bars.
Please join fellow club members and spread the word to other Canadians or Australians who recognise or would like to learn about the importance of Vimy Day.

Please spread the word to any and all (Canadians and any Australians who have Canadian ties and recognise the importance of Vimy Day and others) who actually might be in Melbourne on April 13th for this special occasion.
Cérémonie de la crête de Vimy
La bataille de la crête de Vimy, pendant la Première Guerre mondiale, a été un événement clé dans le développement du Canada en tant que nation. Vimy est devenue un symbole pour les Canadiens et une source d'identité et de fierté nationale. Les armées française et britannique n’avaient pas réussi à reprendre la crête de Vimy aux Allemands, au prix de milliers de vies. Pierre Burton a écrit un excellent livre qui expose l'importance de Vimy pour l'identité canadienne.
La courte cérémonie commence à 14 heures et, immédiatement après le service, il y aura des rafraîchissements légers et une rencontre dans la galerie ouest du sanctuaire. Les rafraîchissements ont été offerts par la Maple Bakery (Torquay) et comprennent plusieurs friandises canadiennes telles que des tartelettes au beurre et des barres Nanaimo.
Veuillez vous joindre aux autres membres du club et passer le message à d'autres Canadiens ou Australiens qui reconnaissent ou souhaitent en savoir plus sur l'importance de la Journée de Vimy.
April 13, 2024 at 2:00pm - 3pm
The Sanctuary The Shrine of Remembrance Melbourne Birdwood Avenue and St Kilda Road

Will you come?